Dessert Idea (Not so Banana Split!)


Okay…so unfortunately I love to eat. I say unfortunately because the type of food I love most, is the food that is most bad for you (if that sentence was even grammatically correct).

Anyway, I mentioned in my first post that I have changed my eating habits so I try to maintain more of a healthy diet. The other night after I cooked dinner which was (baked tilapia on a bed of spinach w/ yellow squash and a broccoli and corn mixture), I decided that I wanted dessert. So, I went for a healthier option, I mean it’s not the healthiest recipe, but it’s a little better than cookies, cake, or brownies, etc…


1/2 banana

Small handful of blueberries

1/2 vanilla La Yogurt (or your vanilla yogurt of choice) – Pic attached

Couple of sprinkles of ground cinnamon

Sprinkle of vanilla/almond granola (bear naked) – Pic attached


So here’s how I did it…

In a bowl, I sliced up 1/2 banana, I threw the blueberries in, and then I squeezed honey on top in a zigzag-like motion. I then scooped out half of the vanilla La Yogurt and spooned on top of the banana, blueberries & honey. Next, I sprinkled the cinnamon on top of the yogurt, followed by a couple more zigzags of honey, and finally topped with a sprinkle of the vanilla almond granola.

Let me just say that it was quite pleasing to the palate!

Like I said, it may not be the absolute healthiest dessert option, but your body will thank you for skipping the processed sweets!

Try it! Let me know how you like 🙂

la-yogurt-vanilla bearnaked-vanilla-almond


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